Text Box:    Compliance training and consulting services for all industries

A sampling of our offered courses:  CPR/AED -  First Aid - Bloodborne Pathogens - Fire Safety - Extinguisher - Forklift Operator - Overhead Crane - Right to Know/Haz Com - Personal Protective Equipment - Respiratory Protection - Confined Space -  Lock out/Tag out -  NSC Defensive Driving Programs with Point Reduction -  Incident Command - Emergency Response - Work Zone Safety -  Flagger Training - OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry and Construction- 40 hr and 24hr Hazwhoper - 8 hr Refreshers,  Supervisor, Operations - Construction Equipment Safety -  Customer Service - The Sales Process - Office and Telephone Etiquette - Food Service (Precautions, Preparation, Storage, Regulations), Safe Serve, and many more.

   “If  we don’t have it and you need it - we develop it”  

Specialized or site specific course development services are available.

Curriculum:  meets or exceeds OSHA,  EPA, DOT, FDA, MSHA, NIOSH, NFPA, and  PEOSH Standards,  American Heart Assoc. - American Red Cross -  American Health & Safety Institute - National Safety Council - New Jersey Safety Council - National Fire Protection Assoc. - National Fire Protection Academy

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We deliver only Regulatory compliant” curriculums and materials.  Over 120 different topics. Our Instructors and Consultants frequently attend OSHA, EPA, MSHA, DOT,  NSC, AHA, NFPA and other continuation of training or update seminars to stay current the ever changing regulations, policies, practices,   and procedures.


For 2018 we developed, updated, and created many new Power Point programs, replaced many DVD’s to keep our presentations and material fresh.

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Text Box: Other Services provided

Air Monitoring - IAQ Testing - Site Safety Audits - Hazard Assessments
Site or Facility -  Inspections and Certifications - Calibrations - Compliance Reviews – Safety Plan Development - Training Plans - Standby Rescue Service - Compliance Review of current Plans, and many more...
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   services for 22 years

HOT OSHA News... for 2018


1. All 10hr Outreach Courses must be spanned over two (2) days. - Daily contact hours can not exceed 7.5 hours per day


2. All 30hr Outreach Courses must be spanned over four (4) days. - Daily contact hours can not exceed 7.5 hours per day


3. All Contractors, Subs, and Employees working in the City of Philidelphia, Maryland, and New York  MUST have the OSHA 10hr for workers and OSHA 30hr for Safety, Supervisory, and Superintendent's just to work in the City (legally).


4. ALL employees and contractors SHALL be Trained and Qualified BEFORE Operating, Using, or Doing:

a. Scissor Lifts and Aerial Boom/Lifts 

b. Forklifts and Pallet Jacks

c. Confined Space Entries

d. Trenching and/or Excavations

e. Hazwhoper for Spill and Site Clean-up, or  

    whenever working in Hazmat. 

g. Chain Saws and Power Tools






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Text Box: A Message from the President:    

Great things are happening at CHSS, thanks to all of our loyal customers and many new as well.

The CHSS Safety Store offers a limited supply of  new and used Products and Equipment, please contact us for a quote.  Great prices on Tripods, Winches, Gas Detectors, Harnesses, and other Personal Protective Equipment.

We continue offer a host of sampling and testing services, such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Chemical, Mold, Lead, Asbestos, and more.

We are adding an VIRTUAL ONLINE OSHA CAMPUS.  We offered it in past years but it was discontinued. We believe it is a suitable forum for some of the less dangerous safety training.  It provides a little more then an awareness level and may have some effect on employee safety. This was discovered as a result of a number incident and injury investigations conducted over the course of those years.  Other issues were: you could play a video game while doing the safety courses, other people would take the course in your name for a fee to get it done while you work, crazy stuff...

As a special note: Any online training should complement and reinforce your competency and current knowledge levels, it should not totally take the place of the formal interaction with qualified instructors.  Some insurance companies, Contractors, and Job Sites do not accept online training, the value is the knowledge, experience, and insight that you will gain from the direct contact of a qualified professional.   I also heard several times this year that OSHA will be looking to do away with the OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour online programs in the near future. We believe that online training really does have a place with regard some subjects, for example a Confined Space Entry or Trenching and Shoring (Excavation) online cert is potential a death wish, were as Back Safety or Right to Know may not be. 

We've added Silica Exposure Prevention, Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Active Shooter, and Live Fire Extinguisher training.

The goal should be “to go home everyday with everything we came to work with, no missing parts or skin”. 

Best and Safe Regards, 

Harry E. Smith III, CSM, STS, SPS

      Certified Health and  Safety Services, LLC

 Providing High Quality Professional and Regulatory  

     Compliant Safety Services at Affordable Prices 

We offer CEU’s and/or Tch’s for many of our programs.


1. Water Treatment Operators

2. Waste Water Operators

3. EMT’s

4. Electrician's

5. and others



 Serving all types of Organizations, Factories, Plants, Industrial, 

  Business, Construction ,  Federal, State, County, or Municipal            

              Small, Medium, or Large   

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Our primary geographic areas of service include but are not limited to;  New Jersey,  Pennsylvania,  Delaware, Maryland,  and New York.   All areas outside the primary are welcome to inquire, travel is always an option.
We offer over one hundred fifteen (115) different courses, seminars,  and topics or we can write any site or equipment specific training curriculum or operational plan to meet your needs. 
Although our focus is Occupational  Safety based we also conduct training  in other areas;  Food Service,  Customer Service,  Sales,  Motivation,  Job Search, and many more…
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    A US veteran owned and operated business, our Founder and President Harry E. Smith III, Master   

    Sergeant USAF (retired), served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Heavy Equipment Operator, Fire  

    Chief. and a Safety Director. Served as a Chief Officer in volunteer Fire Departments and EMS 

    Squads with over 40 years of active service.  Other positions held: Fire Commissioner, Emergency 

    Management Coordinator, and Deputy Coordinator. 

Text Box:    HOT Topic: All training  must be documented   
 properly in accordance with OSHA requirements.

We moved in June 2011 to a larger classroom and bigger facility