Text Box: A sampling of our offered courses:  CPR/AED -  First Aid - Bloodborne Pathogens - Fire Safety  -  Extinguisher - Forklift - Overhead Crane - Right to Know/Haz Com - Personal Protective Equipment Respiratory Protection -  Confined Space -  Lock out/Tag out -  NSC Defensive Driving Programs -  Incident Command - Emergency Response - Work Zone Safety -  Flagger Training  -  Hazwhoper 40 Hour - OHSA 10 & 30 Hour - Construction Equipment Safety -  8 hour Refreshers - Backhoe Operator -  Heavy Equipment Certification - Skid Steer Operator -  Scissor and Aerial Lifts -  Supervisor Courses - Customer Service - The Sales Process - Office and Telephone Etiquette -   Food Service Safety and Precautions, and many more.  Specialized or site specific course development services are available.  Over 115 different subjects.

All Curriculum meets or exceeds OSHA, DOT, EPA, FDA, and USDA Standards,  American Heart Assoc. - American Red Cross -  American Health & Safety Institute - National Safety Council - New Jersey Safety Council - National Fire Protection Assoc.


Did we mention, for 20 years?

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      Certified Health and  Safety Services, LLC

 Providing High Quality Professional and Regulatory  

     Compliant Safety Services at Affordable Prices 

Text Box: We offer a number of services in a effort to provide your organization and employees with  a higher degree of awareness and a safer work place.

                   Services Listing

Text Box: Meet the OSHA training and awareness requirements and reduce mishaps or injuries.  We interact with our students,  no more toothpicks , coffee, or No-Doze.
Training and awareness actually pay  big dividends while reducing insurance costs and  also reducing the possibility of  injuries or citations from OSHA,  DOT, PEOSH,   or other regulatory agencies.

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   Safety Training  Courses or Seminars

Text Box: By conducting a comprehensive  Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to identify the hazards before the mishap report.  A procedure can be developed with safety measures built in to prevent injury or death.   
We conduct Air Quality sampling , surface  or soil testing, and more.

 Process,  Hazard,  and  Task  Assessments

Text Box: Facility inspections identify safety hazards, potential or existing. 
Facility inspections and evaluations are provided as detailed written reports to help identify and classify problem areas  or hazards for remediation or elimination.

              Detailed on Site Inspections

Text Box: Safety Products can be ordered and purchased through our representatives. 
They can help you identify your needs or  requirements to ensure you get the right equipment or tool for the job.
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      Safety Product and Equipment Sales

Text Box: Equipment inspections identify safety hazards, potential or existing. 
Equipment inspections and evaluations, are provided with detailed written reports to identify and classify serviceable and  unserviceable equipment or instruments.
Serviceable and Unserviceable equipment is physically labeled and/or tagged so you know what equipment is safe, serviceable, and inspected.

         Detailed Equipment Inspections,     

        Evaluations,  and Certifications

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                         Special Service offerings

Over the years we have often provided many these services to our clients as part of a package, we have expanded and enhanced many services as stand alone.  

 We now offer Asbestos Assessments, Lead Inspections/Risk Assessments, and Mold Inspections in New Jersey.

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A Safety Representative is as close as your telephone everyday

Text Box: Imagine having a Safety Representative as close as your telephone for problems or advice on an injury, accident, near miss, or an OSHA citation. 
Should you get cited we will provide the knowledge and assistance to fix the problem and work to have the fine reduced or set aside altogether.  
We will accompany you at the OSHA hearing or meeting to ensure your rights are not violated.

CALL Today - To make your workplace safer and gain a Safety Consultant.

We sell Gas Detectors and Meters:,


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